Version 0.3 of garmin-sync

It's been a while, but I've finally found some time to work on pygarmin and garmin-sync again. This has resulted in a new version of garmin-sync, 0.3. Not much has changed since 0.2; the biggest changes are in pygarmin itself. In general, this version should work better for people who had trouble getting it to work in the past.

You can download it at

New features include:

* More robust USB communication
* Possibility to get debug information, to help fix problems
* Might work with Forerunner (testers needed)
* Fixed bug 135717 (Missing data point for Forerunner)
* Fixed bug 154081 (Some value errors when running

I'm hoping this release will makegarmin-sync work with the Forerunner series, and not only with Edge. If you have a Forerunner, please give it a try, and tell me whether it works.

If you have problem getting your GPS to work, please run garmin-sync with -d usb.packet and send the output to me. That will help me debug what's wrong.