Wanted: bzr plugin to manage branches in Launchpad

I will probably implement this myself at some point, but if anyone wants to use their bzr and launchpadlib skills to make the world a slightly better place, I’d be grateful. You don’t even have to have any bzr and launchpadlib skills, both are quite easy to get started with. This could be a great opportunity to learn more about them!

I want a bzr plugin that queries Launchpad and list all my branches that aren’t Merged or Abandoned. I want it to work in the context of a branch, so that it automatically knows which project I’m interested in, although having it work outside a branch and list branches for all my projects would be useful as well.

To remove branches from the list of active branches, I’d also like to be able to mark a branch as Abandoned using the plugin.

Bonus points if any attached merge proposals and their status also are listed.

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Hello http://tillenius.me/blog/2009/12/02/wanted-bzr-plugin-to-manage-branches-in-launchpad/


Good idea.

FWIW, Martin Pool keeps talking about a Bazaar plugin / feature that automatically synchronizes your branches on disk with Launchpad.

I’ve had a go at implementing the plugin. I would appreciate it if you would have a look and let me know what you think.


Björn Tillenius 15.12.2009 15:14

Thanks! I tried it, and it already looks useful to me. However, even though I saw it working once, now it doesn’t work anymore for me. It either completely errors out, or doesn’t find any branches at all. I filed bug 496958 and bug 496955.

I’ll have a look. At a brief glance it looks like it’s not finding the lp branch but since you say it was working in those dirs before, there must be something going wrong before that and this is just a symptom.

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